Sunday, January 4, 2015


Chief Mountain on New Year's Day, 2015
.. majestic as always ...
Clear skies and great weather for loved ones returning
to their home after a treasured time of being together.

We end the old year with the celebration of the birth of Jesus.
Beautifully wrapped gifts remind us of the gift that God gave to man.
At this moment I have the gift of life and I have entered a new year with
a slate of possibilities to serve and to bless.

I was thrilled to have my daughter and family home for the holidays, 
even though one member was unfortunate enough to be sick for a time.
We missed the other daughter and her family in far off NY.
Family time and food partner together perfectly and I was glad
 for all the made-ahead meals and cookies I had in the freezer.
 My daughter made this favorite raspberry cheesecake dessert for Christmas dinner.

Those of us who love putting together puzzles worked on 3 large ones.
This scene was by far the hardest ... 1000 pieces .. many similar hues ..
but we persevered until it was completed.

In between the two major celebrations of the season we have
a birthday girl to bless.  Her choice of cake was a German chocolate,
made by her mother.

And for the main course she chose chicken fajitas.
My grandchildren have enriched my life beyond anything
I ever dreamed.  I look forward to making more memories
and sharing more celebrations.

My niece made this blackboard for me for Christmas.
Notice that I did not erase the previous writing before adding the present one.
Hand lettering is one of my 'joys' and I did this rather quickly.

Blessings to my readers in 2015

May the joy of the Lord be your strength.