Friday, December 19, 2014


Here is a picture of some interesting 'deer' I made with gingerbread dough.
There are many versions on Pinterest as well as tutorials   
on Youtube.  I played around with royal icing, melting chocolate and
M and Ms (for the bulbous nose).  I had fun especially when the placement
of the eyes created a personality.

I use my favorite gingerbread recipe year after year and just vary 
the style.  The recipe is on this blog under 'Christmas cookies'.

I have a 'merry' respect for the person who saw the possibility
of creating a deer one step at a time.

Notice the 'deer' are created from an upside-down gingerbread boy.

These faces are not the perfectly smooth kind I have seen on pictures,
but turned out rather textured.

I hope my grandsons will observe them, even  briefly,
just to appreciate their character before they disappear forever.

Some of the dough had to become girls in snow parkas.
Perhaps they are my favorites.

And for the boys on my list I make the matching guys.

Until next time!

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